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Acupuncture is safe and beneficial for your entire family, including young children.  At Vida Acupuncture, we enjoy treating the whole family and supporting you in sustaining a healthy lifestyle.  Acupuncture is an effective treatment because it addresses the root of your health issue and not only the symptoms.

Are you ready to experience and invest in the transformational and healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

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I tried acupuncture for the first time in a local hospital wellness center. I was not impressed with the results and felt rushed, so I felt I was done with acupuncuture. When I met Rebeca, I wanted to give acupuncture another try. 

Once I started going regularly, I noticed several things. One of the most beneficial effects from acupuncture is the ability to turn down unnecessary noise from my life. I was able to concentrate on what is important for me and my general health. I describe this as an “on and off “ switch. Once this switch of embracing myself and prioritizing myself was “on”, I felt my heart open and I started to become more grateful for everything and embracing life as I never have before.

I describe Rebeca as a catalyst of change when it comes to healing people. She has an energy that I never felt before, and she is truly inspirational and life changing. Thanks for allowing me to discover a more peaceful version of myself and opening my heart.